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The Pelham Pin Protector

The prime purpose of the neck plug is to protect the vulnerable and exposed octave pin.  It has always occurred to me that the plug is less than perfect for this role because the pin is still exposed with the … Continue reading

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And they have done it again…

Remember Benedikt Eppelsheim? He’s been a bit quiet recently: after he announced his Bb contrabass clarinet and the Eb contrabass sax, there haven’t been any additions to his website. I know that he’s produced Sarrusaphones and Ophicleides, but as of … Continue reading

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A fine pair of bare-metal saxophones !

Two fine examples of bare metal saxophones. Neither of the two tenors in the photograph has a trace of lacquer or plating on their bodies; yet, aesthetically, they require, in my view, diametrically opposite treatment. They both look rather  smart… … Continue reading

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Is our choice of instrument indicative of our lifestyle ?

It has to be admitted that, historically, saxophone players have never been good role models, with a history of drug abuse and alcoholism; to a degree seldom found in other fields. I was reminded of this last night at a … Continue reading

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Alto – played as it was meant to be !

There is a conception, shared by me, that real saxophone players are tenor players. Despite some valid exceptions, altos are the domain of girls, students and Charlie Parker.   I found this recording of the Doobie Bros., Long Train Running, with … Continue reading

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More Paua to my old battle axe.

A friend, visiting New Zealand, having seen the Paua touches on my sop, brought back for me a packet of Paua scraps and off cuts. One day, and sore fingers later, I fettled these to fit my old un-lacquered Grassi … Continue reading

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Good start to the day.

At a gig last night, I was aware that my faithful old reed was giving up the ghost.  Imagine my delight this morning, on opening a new box of Plasticovers, to find that the first reed selected was absolutely perfect. … Continue reading

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